Asperitas by Asperitas

A tableware collection that is both minimal and elegant, where clay acts as the protagonist: the roughness and the colour of grés reminds of Dolomites’ stone, in an ode to the mountains of my region, Friuli Venezia-Giulia. Inside, bright semi-transparent glaze in three colours that I developed personally throughout months of experimentation.

Blue is the first colour I created, around which blossomed the rest of the collection.
Sky blue like mountain lakes, where the colour of the sky is reflected in a pool of clear water. In the plates, the echo of a pebble that has broken the perfect surface of the water is a wave that never ends.

Sage green like the woods and the meadows of the Dolomites, for plates that bring the scent of mountain herbs with themselves.

Lavender pink like field flowers and a sunrise watched from the top of a mountain, in that moment between night and day, as the sun has already risen, the sky changes colour and the morning star shines.

A collection that celebrates the wilderness of the Dolomites and becomes a love declaration to my region, Friuli Venezia-Giulia. Asperitas is a delicate greeting, born out of the necessity to bring art into everyday life and dedicated to those who surround themselves with beauty.

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